Push Notifications are features that allow a website to show instant messages to the user on a desktop. Push Notifications are very handy when it comes to communicating with the user as these notifications are easy to implement and understand and a developer can allow a user to perform multiple actions on these notifications.


The code for showing the notifications on desktop is in vanilla JS and doesn’t require any external library or dependency. The only thing it requires is a live server along with an IP address that has HTTPS in the beginning. (i.e. it should be secured by…

A full-stack application dealing with public interactions or creating user profiles usually runs into the problem of storing images or profile pictures of users to the database. Of course, you can break the picture into bytes or bits, etc, and store the same but this is a horrible practice and is far too difficult in practice. The other way of doing this is by uploading the picture to a server or a folder, generating a public URL for the upload from there, and storing this URL into the database.

In order to do so, we need a third party or…

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Testing refers to the checking of code and its functionality in different conditions. The conditions could be extreme or mild, depending upon the developer but a good code or application is one that can be handle different user scenarios and can work under any and every circumstance. The idea of testing comes from Test-Driven Development where we write tests continuously for our code, check it for different conditions, and modify our code to handle the exception cases.

Testing can be of many types like integration testing, unit testing, alpha testing, regression testing, etc but the most commonly used is unit…

Parallel Programming is a paradigm of computing that helps in the faster processing of large and complex problems. It is a concept that is basically used in large, scalable systems where even a simple “for-loop” takes time to complete.

The concept of parallel programming can be visualized in a very simple way. Suppose a wall of 100*100 m needs to be built in 1 hour. …

During the creation of a web application, a developer needs to authenticate the user to use the application. This can be done by a simple log-in, log-out authentication, or by OAuth2 or any other way. So for the aid of a developer, Spring has such features in-built.

1. Create a simple web starter project.

2. Now for demo purposes, we need some data. So, we create a controller class called HomeController. This controller will we returning a webpage and this very webpage will be secured by us via authentication purposes.

Youtube is the largest, video, and music streaming platform in the world. Being an open-source technology, Google provides many APIs to work with Youtube. From automating the searches to getting playlists, Youtube API can help the developers in lots of things and it’s useful for building services like music players, video players, marketing on youtube, Adsense, etc.

This article will walk you through the steps of retrieving a list of songs on using the Youtube API. The Search parameter will be provided by the user and the API call will happen in a Node Js backend. Youtube provides 3–4 types…

Google provides API to automate it’s spreadsheet. We can read, write, update, etc. data from the spreadsheet using Google Sheets API. Various languages like Java, Go, .Net, etc supports the API but here we are going to use Node.js for the automation.

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NOTE:- We need little knowledge of Javascript, so I hope that you are familiar with it.

First, we start off by installing Node JS in our code editor by using the command:-

npm init

with an entry point as main.js or anything which we would like to use. Google provides an API that helps us to interact with…

This is a continuation of my previous article of the article on Spring which is accessible from here:-

Now, creating a real application in Spring requires few additions, changes, and modulation of the existing code. The code as per the previous article is:-

Here, we’ll be only using our post and get methods as the other two methods aren’t of much concern as of now. As of now, we’ll try to build a full-stack application where we will be entering data into the dB via the POST request and returning the data via the same method. …

A Framework is a software which is used for the building and development of software applications. It provides a platform on which developers can build programs for a specific platform. A platform may include predefined classes and functions that can be used to process input, manage hardware devices, and interact with different systems.

A framework is similar to an application programming interface, though technically it involves an API. Frameworks are mainly used for the “FULL STACK” development of a website or an application. …

An api is an interface which helps in automation of things. It’s basically a software program that helps to connect the server and the client applications and automate the exchange of data between them. It provides interaction between two softwares but not the user.

An api can be visualized as a waiter in a restaurant who helps in the exchange of data(food) between the client(customer) and the server(the restaurant kitchen).

Taking a technical example, an api is a program that takes in data from the client, delivers it to server and takes the processed data back to the client. Suppose…

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